Education and training

A wide range of education and training courses is available in Western Australia as well as other parts of the country for those who want to become editors. Many courses are available online so geographical location is less important than it once was. School leavers can undertake an undergraduate degree with a major or minor in editing; however, skills and knowledge may also be acquired from a major in English or writing, which are much more widely available. Those who are changing careers should consider a postgraduate degree or short course.

For more information on courses available in WA and other parts of Australia visit the IPEd website.


  • Mentoring – could you be a mentor?

    20 October 2019

    Some newcomers to IPEd may not be aware that we run a mentoring program. This is not a course in basic or beginner editing. Rather it is one of the ways you can gain new skills or learn more about … Read more

  • All about the Standing Committee on Academic Editing

    While wandering the forest of IPEd acronyms and abbreviations, members may have wondered what the SCAE is and what it does. Our Editors WA branch president sits on the IPEd Standing Committee for Academic Editing, responsible for the important task … Read more

  • President’s Report 2019

    17 August 2019

    Click on the link to read the EditorsWA President’s Report from the Annual Branch Meeting on 30 July 2019: President’s report, ABM 2019 30 July 19

  • Making Connections: Kate Cuthbert workshop for editors and writers

    28 March 2019

    Networking opportunity with writers We are about to host one of our most focused outreach events ever on 13 April. Rather than contemplating our own navels and talking to ourselves we are stepping outside our immediate community to talk with … Read more