Resolution – fee increase due to IPEd levy (subsidised by the society) – VOTE now

Fee increase resolution

Please reply to this email with a YES or NO vote in the subject line by Saturday 29 November 2014.


Notice of an ordinary resolution to be put to the vote by Society of Editors (WA) Inc (the society) members.  This notice includes a brief background to the vote. This vote is taking place by a virtual meeting process in lieu of a membership meeting given the limited numbers able to attend the November workshop and the December function. This will allow all members access to their voting rights.




The Society of Editors (Western Australia) Incorporated resolves to increase ordinary membership fees by $20 for full and concession members from 1 February 2015. This increase will be applied towards the transition levy of $45 requested by IPEd which will be subsidised by the society.


Background to the vote

Our society’s current ordinary membership fees are $80 per annum for full members and $60 per annum for concession members. Fees have not been increased for the last three years. The society has maintained fees at this rate by prudent financial management and a surplus generated from the 2013 editors conference in Fremantle.

Our membership fees currently include the cost of an annual IPEd levy of $25 per member (ordinary and honorary) as at 31 May each year.

For 2014/15 each state society is required to pay an additional IPEd levy of $45 per member to help fund the costs of transition towards the direct membership model.

WA paid the usual 2014/15 IPEd levy of $25 per member in June 2014 and is required to pay the additional 2014/15 IPEd levy of $45 per member in April 2015.

The committee has reviewed a number of options on how to fund the additional levy:

  • Raise membership fees for 2015/16 by a flat $45 per member or
  • Raise membership fees for 2015/16 by $45 for full members and a lower amount (e.g. $35) for concession members or
  • Raise membership fees by an amount between $1 and $44 to fund part of the increased levy cost; the remainder being covered through existing surpluses or
  • Fully fund the increased levy costs through existing surpluses.

In reaching its decision the committee has considered the society’s financial position, the potential effect on membership as membership fees rise, and how other state societies have decided to fund the levy.

The committee agreed to propose to members a flat fee increase of $20 per ordinary member with the remaining $25 per ordinary member being funded by the society. This reflects the capacity of the society to fund part of the IPEd levy and the value we place on retaining as many members as possible in the coming year.

The proposed membership fee increase will apply from 1 February 2015. Note that this is a once-off IPEd levy. However, if the transition to direct membership does not take place within the 2015/16 financial year, the proposed fee increase will remain in place for future financial years, reflecting good financial and business practice.

PLEASE respond with your vote by Saturday 29 November.


Cheryl Bettridge AE
President SOE(WA) Inc
Saturday 8 November 2014


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