A new year brings adjustments

It was a sad start to the year with the news of Mabel Kaplan’s passing. Her funeral was a celebration of her life, personality, and dedicated commitment to her community and family. Michele has written a wonderful piece for this month’s Bookworm in honour of Mabel and the contribution she made to her community. We will miss you, Mabel.

The year has geared into action and the committee has started planning this year’s events. Once we have confirmations, we will publicize our events schedule in Bookworm each month. We sent out a request for suggestions and have tried to incorporate some of those we received:  aspects of English usage (James Hansen);  editing for fiction, grammar points, indexing (Liz Tyndall); editing scientific works (Deb Fitzpatrick); romance writing (Carla Morris); dotdotdash magazine (Chris Walker); editing academic papers, making a personal website (Mary Elgar). Thanks to those people who responded.

We asked members to tell us what they’ve been up to over the last year, what achievements or products, or interesting projects they’ve been working on. You must all be very shy (or on a long holiday) as I received just one response to this. Is it because you don’t want to brag? Or is it that you don’t think what you’ve been doing is worthy of a short blurb in Bookworm? Start to think about ways of promoting yourself – we’re inviting you and we have the platform to do it. It’s up to you…

The Society will be holding its AGM on Tuesday 15 March. Committee positions will be up for nomination and this is a great opportunity for you to volunteer your expertise this year. Please consider nominating – there are many ways you can help, and interesting tasks to perform. Look out for more information on this later.

We’ve just started a group on LinkedIn called Society of Editors (WA) Inc and a subgroup called IPED National Editors Conference Perth 2013 so I urge you to join in discussions and be part of our community. Go to this link to join and please invite friends who may be interested: <http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Society-Editors-WA-Inc-3753159?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr>.

I’m pleased to welcome Bec Hitchings as our Bookworm editor. She is an editor and graphic designer with many years experience in the public sector, and currently the mining industry. She has come up with a new design which I hope you all like.

In 2010 attendance at networking meetings fell by about 50% compared to 2009. This is disappointing as we do try to tailor speakers and events to suit members’ needs. We really want to see a vibrant community of editors developing in Perth, and we need your help to guide us into finding out more ways we can do this. We are always asking for feedback so feel free to complain, celebrate and suggest directly to me.  We have a comfortable new venue this year, and we hope that the new cozy environment will be more conducive to networking and will lure you to meetings. Come along to our February meeting, and see for yourselves. Ray Coffee will reminisce about his 30-odd years in the publishing world. I’m sure we can all learn something from his vast experience.

Happy editing