The ESL Journey: From Learner to Writer

18 March, 2019

The ESL Journey: From Learner to Writer

Barbara Fowler of the Curtin University English Language Centre will speak of the personal journey of an English as a Second Language learner, such as cultural adjustment, multilingual classrooms, linguistic issues and differing education levels. Knowledge of such an experience should give editors, especially thesis editors, a holistic view of the challenges that inform an ESL student’s or writer’s situation, which will assist them if they take on such work.


Barbara Fowler
Curtin University English Language Centre

The presentation will include:

  • Introduction — her experience and the aim/s of the talk
  • Early days — cultural and educational adjustment/challenges, first experiences of an English speaking country and a multi-lingual classroom
  • Moving forward — coping with L1 interference, contrastive analysis, unlearning before learning, tentative first steps in writing, encouraging the emerging writer
  • Pitfalls and plateaus — the challenges and strategies needed for the mid-way writer (mid to upper intermediate level student), how to keep improving
  • Finding their voice — Developing confidence and a personal style, becoming more topic specific and/or academic in tone
  • Closing thoughts/questions


Date: Monday 19 November 2018
Time: Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Place: Curtin University, Room 402.302 (TBC)
(Note: specific instructions regarding the building and room and best parking will be emailed to attendees closer to the event.)
Cost: Members/affiliates $12, non-members $18 (tea, coffee and light snacks will be provided)


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