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CyberText Consulting Pty Ltd





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Rhonda Bracey

I have run my own freelance technical writing and editing business since 1999, working for a variety of large and small clients, including niche-market software companies, and global mining and oil and gas companies. I work from home, via the internet.

I am a regular speaker at various Australian and international conferences for technical communicators.

My complete resume is on my website, as are testimonials from others who have used my services, and copies of presentations I have given at conferences.

My professional blog ( has hundreds of articles I have written related to technical communication (writing and editing) and procedures for using software such as Microsoft Word.



I have edited on and off throughout my entire working life, but have worked exclusively as an editor since 2008. Since that date, I have edited ~2000 long, complex Microsoft Word documents for a team of environmental scientists and health and safety professionals.