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Carmel Forrest


Accredited Editor (Institute of Professional Editors) 2014
Diploma of Professional Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing 2008 Australian College

Diploma of Teaching (ACU) 1990

Bachelor of Science (ANU) 1977


I was a science and religious education teacher in secondary schools in both South and Western Australia for more than thirty years.
As a classroom teacher I wrote and edited not only curricula but student assessments of various types. I updated these documents annually.
As a Head of Department for ten years I monitored the work programs and student assessments of all teachers.
These and other experiences have contributed to my command of language, both grammatical and idiomatic. My writing and editing skills have been honed across a range of subjects and within varying comprehension levels.

My admiration for the creativity of authors has grown enormously since 2008 when I began editing both fiction and non-fiction, academic and non-academic works.

I find editing to be a rewarding experience as I work with the range of authors who entrust their writing to me. I enjoy our collaboration as we prepare their work for publication and I delight in learning yet more about the myriad ways in which stories can be told. I particularly appreciate the fact that each project challenges and develops my editing skills.

While editing is necessarily a business and definitely a craft with a creative dimension, for me it is primarily a relationship in which mutual respect between author and editor is of critical importance.