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Mia Gibson-Powell

I commenced work as a secondary school teacher in Western Australia and after some years, as a consequence of my teaching experience, I worked in the Curriculum Branch of the Education Department of Western Australia on the production and evaluation of teacher and student support materials. I recently commenced work in the Public Sector Commission (PSC) as the Senior Communications Officer, which involves a substantial amount of editing and proofreading of publications prior to tabling in the Parliament of Western Australia or dissemination by other means (for example, uploading onto the PSC Website, distribution to public sector officers etc.). Prior to commencement at the PSC I had a similar role at the Corruption and Crime Commission of Western Australia for more than eight years.


My qualifications are comprised of:

Bachelor of Arts (UWA)
Diploma of Education (UWA)
Teachers Higher Certificate (EDWA)
Graduate Diploma in Editing (Edith Cowan University, 2013)


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Work experience in editing spans more than 20 years.