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Satima Flavell

I read, I write, I edit, I review, and I've been doing these things for upward of 25 years. My reviews and feature articles have been published in The Australian, The West Australian, Dance Australia, Music Maker, Arts West, Scoop and many other journals. My academic editing has changed many a prospective failure into a success, and several published authors, both fiction and non-fiction, thank me for my services.

I know how hard it is to learn to write well and how difficult it is to get your work published, because I've done the journey myself. Watch out for The Dagger of Dresnia - it's the first book of my fantasy trilogy, published by

Over the years, I've come to realise that my main strength in editing lies in the stuff I love to write - fantasy fiction and its related genres: 'soft' science fiction, historicals and romances. I now specialise in these genres, with particular emphasis on what I call 'mini-assessments'. Based on the first twenty pages (I edit a couple of pages free of charge) and a synopsis of your novel, I write a report of at least six pages, pointing out the author's strengths and weaknesses and giving helpful information on how to overcome the latter. See my website - - for more details.


I have no formal quals in editing. Like most people my age, I learnt by doing the job, and I like to think I have a better-than-average competence. However, I do recommend the iPed exam to younger members. It will give you credibility in a rapidly changing professional environment.

I do hold the following:
Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies/Dance) from ECU
Associate Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) from WAAPA
Practitioner's Certificate in Astrology from FAA

In addition, I have studied French, Italian, Ancient History, Music, English Literature, Acting, Psychology and Linguistics at tertiary level.


I've been an editor for 15 years and have tackled projects of every conceivable kind - novels, short stories, family histories, academic papers (in disciplines as disparate as Art, Architecture, Sociology and Physiotherapy) and the odd bit of corporate work.

Examples of my work
Blake, Helen: Boy Phoenix (Structural editor)
Harrison, Eric: Meditation and Health (Proofreader)
Haynes, Simon: Just Desserts (Editor)
Marillier, Juliet: various titles (Beta reader/galley proofreader)
Thompson, Stephen (ed) Mythic Resonance (Contributing author, contributing editor) (Occasional copywriter and proofreader)