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Brett Jenkins

Our online and hardcopy editing and proofreading service is designed to help you produce the best possible work or assessment piece. We specialise in essays, and honours and PhD theses, but also fictional works.

How we can help you depends on what you may need. A proofread is a basic check for typos and minor errors. It ensures that your “perfect” final draft is even more perfect. A proofread can also include reference checking. If you feel that you are not at the proofreading stage, then we can help edit your work which includes suggestions relating to grammar, punctuation, structure, headings and sub-headings, and logic of argument.

Remember, for academic works, a properly edited work is often the difference between earning a pass and a credit, a credit and a distinction, and a distinction and a high distinction.


I have a PhD in English and Comparative Literature and have been a lecturer and tutor in the English and Creative Arts department at Murdoch University for over 7 years,

My tutoring and editing business The Essay Whisperer has been running for 2 years now.


Over the period as a lecturer and tutor I have been assessing students on their essay writing in Social Science and Humanities units. I see many common problems, all of which can be addressed very easily.

Through The Essay Whisperer I have worked with tertiary students on their writing and have also edited and proofread Honours and PhD theses.