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Eleanor Mulder

Welcome to Elephant Edits!

Hi. My name is Eleanor Mulder and I provide freelance editing, proofreading and publishing services for writers in fiction, non-fiction, study or business.

Let me transform your words and enhance your ideas so your text reads clearly, is error free, and successfully reaches the reader with your intended message.

From creative manuscripts to business documents, academic theses to articles and blog posts, I will look with fresh perspective and give strength to your words.

▪ Manuscript assessments
▪ Structural editing
▪ Copyediting & proofreading
▪ Formatting for print and e-book

For further information, please contact me on mobile. 0423 497 080 or email.


2008 English Literature / Film & Drama graduate - University of Reading, UK.


I am business owner and freelance editor at Elephant Edits, open since March 2015. Over the past year, I have accumulated an increasing portfolio of work, including young adult fiction, creative non-fiction, travel articles, short stories, university theses and academic essays. I am also a regular blogger, a fiction writer, reader & reviewer, as well as a subscriber to publishing industry podcasts.