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Michele Drouart

I was editing student work when teaching at tertiary level (Indiana University, IN; Wake Forest University, NC; Murdoch University, WA) and have been focusing on editing as my main occupation since opening my freelance business in 1999.

Although I have worked with many different kinds of texts, I now edit mostly literature (fiction and non-fiction), especially since starting up my courses in Creative Writing. This is my chief area of interest following the publication in 2000 of my memoir, Into the Wadi (Fremantle Arts Centre Press).

I also do full manuscript assessments.


Accredited Editor, 2008

There were no formal qualifications in editing when I started out. However, I was among the first batch of Accredited Editors, 2008 being the first year the exam was held.

A related qualification is my PhD in French Literature with Minor in English Literature from Indiana University (1986). I also have the Dip. Ed. in English (ECU) and was a WALNA, NAPLAN and/or WAMSE marker for the WA Department of Education for over 15 years.

As a teacher of Creative Writing I have focused on editing literature, both fiction and non-fiction.


I have worked as a Creative Writing teacher and freelance editor for 15 years full time.

My courses have three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. (I currently teach only the Advanced classes; occasional private tuition at the Beginner and Intermediate levels is by arrangement.)

While in the first eight to ten years I concentrated on teaching writing, since obtaining accreditation I have focused increasingly on the editing and assessment side of my business.

Most recently I have worked on novels, short stories, memoirs and autobiographies. Following are a few examples of my work over the past few years.
- John Pratt (editing client), Faint Tappings at the Wrong Window: novel (Laughing Waters Publications, 2012, available at Amazon)
- Helen Budge (student): Flying the Banner - Stories of the Fremantle Dockers Banner Team 2007-2010 (a successful self-publication)
- Tineke van der Eecken (former student): Café d'Afrique - A Personal Discovery (true fiction, Tineke Creations, 2012)