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Catherine Schwerin

After living and working for 23 years in Hamburg, Germany, I returned to Australia in 2013 and set up business as a translator/editor and language consultant. This choice meant shifting from my main activities as an educator and linguist and returning to professional translation and editing, which I had continued on a smaller scale parallel to my years as a lecturer in Hamburg. On a personal level, I am observant, systematic, and quick at grasping the essentials. I savour language and enjoy the thrill of finding solutions to the challenges that translation and language work entail.


Although the qualifications I have are not directly in editing, they are closely related in terms of focus on language precision and teaching the standards of language usage.

Magister Artium (MA) in Applied Linguistics (Sprachlehrforschung) and English (Anglistik), University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), Institute of Catholic Education (now Catholic University), Melbourne, Australia – Foreign Languages, History, Religious Education

BA (Hons) Middle Eastern Studies and German, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia


My proofreading and editing experience extends over 25 years and includes a wide range of documents such as:

* Academic books, articles and papers (in particular literature, linguistics, social sciences, education)
* Media and advertising texts (company profiles, yearbooks, press releases, product launches, corporate image guidelines, corporate newsletters, web pages, tourist guides)
* Project proposals, conferences and events
* Airline in-flight magazines
* CD album booklets
* Documentary film scripts
* Biographies
* Summaries, abstracts
* Dust jacket teasers