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Joanna Morrison

Jo Morrison is a former journalist (Fremantle Herald) with a Masters degree and a PhD in Creative Writing from Murdoch University.

With her background in journalism and creative writing, Jo has a strong interest in editing creative non-fiction and all forms of fiction. She is also available to copyedit and/or proofread professional, creative and academic writing, as well as media releases, columns and feature articles.

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Formal Qualifications:

* PhD, Creative Writing (2014)
* Master of Arts, Creative Writing (2006)
* Bachelor of Journalism (2002, Graduate Program)
* Graduate Diploma in Education (2001)
* Bachelor of Arts (1998)


I have edited two novels and am curently editing an academic book. My work as a print journalist and PhD candidate involved continually editing my own writing, as well as workshopping, editing and assessing the work of students as a sessional tutor. Prior to my work in newspapers, I provided live and accurate subtitles for hearing impaired viewers of televised news; both scenarios required discipline and accuracy and the ability to work to deadlines.