Business name

Alexandra Davies trading as The Word Nurse






Alexandra Davies

I sometimes wonder if I was born with a red pen in my hand. I'm one of those people who silently corrects everyone's grammar and spelling (or not so silently, my friends and family might say).

I am well-versed in government-speak and am skilled at transposing it into plain English. I have experience working for government departments in Western Australia and the United Kingdom on a wide range of internal and external publications.

My editing experience includes documents on climate change, the natural environment, the built environment, agriculture, resources, tourism, health, social welfare and housing, human resources, naturopathy, and business leadership.

As a fiction writer with a degree in English literature, I also have a strong interest in editing fiction, particularly for self-publication.


Bachelor of Arts (English), 2001
Graduate Certificate in Editing, 2014


Ten years' experience writing and editing for government in the UK and Australia. Products range from children's letters to scientific reports, and departmental policy to Parliamentary documents. I once wrote a letter for then-PM Tony Blair to send to Sir Paul McCartney on vegetarianism and climate change - my highest profile but not my most challenging work!

Areas of expertise:
- government communications, speeches and reports
- Plain English
- website articles
- proofreading and copy editing electronically or in mark-up
- short fiction pieces
- climate change, natural environment, built environment, philosophy, popular culture and anthropology
- non-fiction self-published works

Brief CV:

Five years managing a communications team and writing reports for the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), including public, Ministerial and Parliamentary correspondence, speeches and briefing, policy recommendations, and grant funding criteria.

One year writing and editing communications for the Government of Western Australia European Office (London), including writing speeches, website articles, press releases and presentations.

Two years writing, editing and proofreading for Western Australian government departments including submissions, reports, tenders, and internal policies and business practice guides.

One year freelancing and editing non-fiction books, as well as professional profiles and CVs.