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Dear WA editors and clients looking for an editor

The Editors WA Register of editors was deactivated on Easter weekend 2018 to facilitate a previously advertised switch over to the Institute of Professional Editors’ national Editors Directory (ED).


The ED is now the main IPEd platform for editors, particularly freelancers, to upload a skills-based profile to inform and attract authors and others looking for editorial services.


The Editors WA committee is well aware that some editors in Western Australia have relied on the WA register as an important avenue for advertising editorial services to clients, and conversely, that potential Western Australian authors have found the register useful for seeking local editors.


These options are still available through the national ED. The principle of posting an editing profile, or of searching for an editor, is the same through the ED as it has been through the WA Register of editors, but with an expanded set of search criteria.


I personally want to encourage all eligible Western Australian editors to subscribe to the national ED and post a profile. We can only be sure of fair representation on the national scene if we have a presence there.

Please contact any off the following people  if you need help setting yourself up on the Editors Directory:

Thank you for bearing with us during this change.

Stephen White
Editors WA President
Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) Limited



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