Mentoring – could you be a mentor?

Some newcomers to IPEd may not be aware that we run a mentoring program.

This is not a course in basic or beginner editing. Rather it is one of the ways you can gain new skills or learn more about those you have. In other words, it is one among several professional development pathways offered by IPEd.

Among the current offerings from EdWA are:
a) starting up as a freelancer and
b) editing fiction.
I know because I’m a mentor for these myself.

We are still in need of mentors in WA, especially experienced editors in the areas of business and science. Could you be one of those? Give it a try – you could find it quite enjoyable.

Mentees pay the small sum of $250.00 for approximately six sessions, although the time taken and number of sessions can vary depending on the subject and the time available to both parties. Mentors are paid a slightly smaller sum than the amount the program receives from the mentee ($200.00). If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee, or if you just want to know more, do please contact me at

Michèle Drouart is the WA coordinator for IPEd’s Mentoring Program.