Making Connections: Kate Cuthbert workshop for editors and writers

Networking opportunity with writers

We are about to host one of our most focused outreach events ever on 13 April. Rather than contemplating our own navels and talking to ourselves we are stepping outside our immediate community to talk with a wider audience. This is what we need to do in order to showcase the wonderful things that IPEd does, and our members’ excellent work. We really look forward to you joining us for this unique networking experience.

IPEd’s goal: build relations with aligned organisations

One of IPEd’s goals is to build relations with people and organisations whose interests are aligned with those of editors. Writers, indexers and media professionals come to mind. There are also companies and government departments wanting to assure the clarity, persuasiveness or appropriateness of language used by their staff in written reports and communiqués.

Of these groups writers form the largest cohort. As becomes clear at every writers’ festival, the field exhibits huge diversity, from fiction to reporting, feature writing, science writing, history and arts writing. It’s hard to imagine a group that fits the bill — interests aligned with IPEd’s — more than writers.

Spotlight on narratives

We have chosen to spotlight our relations with writers who work with narrative (fiction or non-fiction) on 13 April. We invited members of the writers’ centres of WA and other Perth writing groups to come together, communicate and network with editors in a day-long course. Our special guest from Victoria, Kate Cuthbert, will show us why narrative matters and why working with narrative writers can benefit editors. She will use genre writing to do that. Poised between a seminar and a workshop, full of examples and exercises, Kate’s intensive course will offer something for both the writer and the editor in many ways, highlighting the value of each and of the relationship between them.

You can be part of this drive to broaden our networks. If you come, remember to bring along your business card! Even if you can’t make it please spread the word.

For details, see our page for this event.
Alternatively, register directly on the IPEd website (link opens in new tab). Registrations close Wednesday 10th April.

Note: You may wish to arrive early for a light breakfast snack at the Farmers Market in the Subiaco Primary School next door to Theatre Gardens; it’s a practical and enjoyable way find a convenient parking space and extend a fun day.

Michèle Drouart
Acting vice-president