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Most editors have at least one university degree and many editors have years of experience working for organisations…



  • **NEW** What you need to know to vote (again) on the IPEd Transition Plan

    21 April 2016

    Society of Editors (WA) members will have a second opportunity in May 2016 to vote on the IPEd Transition Plan. This plan concerns the IPEd direct membership model (DMM) that will come into being on 1 July 2016. Information about … Read more

  • 2011 accreditations due for renewal this year

    28 February 2016

    If you gained accreditation in 2011 you will need to renew it later this year to retain your status as an accredited editor (AE). We’ll be in contact with you about this in the next couple of months. In the … Read more

  • Accreditation exam update

    Preparations are in full swing for the next accreditation exam which will be held on Saturday 25 June 2016. Registrations will open in early March. The structure of the exam, the allocation of marks, and the required pass mark have … Read more

  • Winter seminar: full agenda announced and registration open

    10 August 2015

    How do you stand out in a sea of noise? Sometimes, it’s as simple as caring about your reader. Empathy, appreciation, compassion and a feeling of ‘we’re in this together’ come through in the way we edit. Can you help … Read more